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COLONIAL CANDLE LAMPCOLONIAL CANDLE LAMPCutouts and glass windows gleam with reflected candlelight in this colonial-style metal candle lamp.
CRAZY HEARTS GEL CANDLECRAZY HEARTS GEL CANDLEThis clever gel candle will make your romantic Valentine's Day merry.
DRAGONCREST SQUARE CANDLEDRAGONCREST  SQUARE CANDLEWrapped in a spectacular black and gold dragon design, a classic square column candle becomes a powerful focus piece for your decor. Absolutely beautiful!
EARTHTONE PILLAR CANDLEEARTHTONE PILLAR CANDLEMother Nature's colors come to life in a naturally stylish squared pillar candle.
FOLIOLE BRICK CANDLEFOLIOLE BRICK CANDLELuscious shades of tone-on-tone green perfectly complement the all-over leaf motif of this triple-wick candle. The perfect combination of color and texture.
RUSTIC ANTLER CANDLE HOLDERRUSTIC ANTLER CANDLE HOLDERThis rustic "antler" wreath forms a crafty cradle for a glass globe votive holder. A wonderfully woodsy touch of nature to warm up your cabin-style or country decor!
RUSTIC CANDLE AND PEDESTAL SETRUSTIC CANDLE AND PEDESTAL SETAn appealing butterscotch hue and bark-like texture add natural warmth to a classic pillar candle, seated upon an elegant Grecian-style pedestal tray.
SEAWORLDSEAWORLDSand and shells under the sea.
SERENE BUDDHA CANDLESERENE BUDDHA CANDLEWarm, golden light pours forth from a traditional-style Buddha sculpture, casting a calming, Zen-like aura over your surroundings. Artful candle has the exotic appearance of a teak temple sculpture; makes an ideal focus point for yoga meditation, or simply use as a sophisticated decoration!
STONE FINISH CANDLESTONE FINISH CANDLEA weathered texture gives the intriguing appeal of ancient mossy stone to a squared planter-style pot, attractively filled with a long-burning butterscotch yellow candle.
TERRA COTTA CANDLESTERRA COTTA CANDLESBrighten your surroundings with vibrant sunny color and the warm glow of candlelight! Four candles in tiny terra-cotta pots are the perfect any occasion decoration. Set of 4.
TROPICAL SAFARI CANDLETROPICAL SAFARI CANDLEEmbark on a fragrance adventure with this exotic scented candle! Intriguing tropical-paradise scent mixes sweet florals and spicy botanicals, invigorating the senses and creating a mini-vacation for the mind.
TROPICAL SAFARI MONKEY PILLARTROPICAL SAFARI MONKEY PILLARCranberry-red candle gets a tantalizing touch of the exotic from a rough-bark texture and "Tropical Paradise" scent.
UNDER THE SEAUNDER THE SEABeautiful sand and shells in clear gel.
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